anka high chair honey

Anka High Chair for Maximum Comfort

One of popular brand produce high chair is Anka. It makes some good high chair with creative design. You are able to get this Anka high chair by purchasing it for $250. There is also the lower price for about $190 per each. Products from Anka is little but different with conventional high chair. The legs can be folded. That is one of the differences. It makes this chair is […]

rubbermaid high chair tray

Rubbermaid High Chair Practical and Easy

One kind of high chair is Rubbermaid high chair. It has rubber to protect your baby when you feeding him or her. The design is like other high chairs with addition of rubber belt. The Rubbermaid is also the brand of the product. Like other products, this high chair has four legs without roller. It seems like conventional high chair. But, the design is more modern rather than the conventional […]

peg perego tatamia high chair reviews

Peg Perego Tatamia High Chair Extra Comfort

One of the modern high chairs is peg perego tatamia high chair. It is already applied with sophisticated technology, such as free adjustment, roller wheels, fold-able, and many more. Those benefits can’t be found in conventional high chair. You can make it high then down it to the lowest spot with easy. To save it is the room, you can fold it. Moreover, the chair has roller wheels, so, you […]

cheap high back outdoor chair cushions green

Outdoor High Back Chair Cushions for Living Space

Sometime, you need cushion for outdoor. If you have high chair, you need outdoor high back chair cushions too. It is special cushion designed for high chair. That is why the size is bigger than normal cushion. It is used for terrace, patio, deck, and other outdoor space. As the function to decorate outdoor living space, choosing the right motif of such cushions becomes important. We know the treatment of […]

high chair that hooks onto table

High Chair that Attaches to Table Cost

Today, in line with development of technology, there is available high chair that attaches to table. Before it, the chair cannot be attached to the table. It makes difficult when your baby want to group with family when take the diner. To solve this problem, the producer of high chair makes the chair that able to be attached to table. How much the price? Actually, the price is cheaper rather […]

baby high chair mat

Jumbo High Chair Mat to Give Extra Save

One of the kinds of mat is high chair mat. It is used for high chair only. The size is not large. But, f you want something large, there is also such mat with jumbo size. Usually, the jumbo mat is used not only for chair, but also for other needs. Surely the price of that mat is more expensive than normal mat. If you will get the normal size […]